About Us

To help transform Greater Cincinnati into one  of the most attractive and  welcoming cities for Hispanics and other minorities.

To significantly increase Hispanic representation in community activities in the Cincinnati-metro area thus contributing and, in turn, the most attractive and welcoming city for Hispanics.

· Participation is voluntary and for volunteer activities. The H-100 initiative is intended to help the community, the participant and the city; it is not a venue to seek business or personal gain.

 Proactively, ethically and proudly represent Hispanics in any chosen field of activity.

 Open communication with H-100 team members.

Helping ,Learning, Growth, involvement, Networking, Mentoring. 

Generally, no expenses are expected as a result of volunteer activities and costs should be borne by institution supported. Ocasionally, if an expense is anticipated this needs to be discussed and cleared through the Hispanic Chamber Contact prior to any commitments.


 H-100 Cincinnati